Dieu Merci, C'est Vendredi!

Finally, it's Friday!
Not much happened today. It went by so slowly.
I found out today that the French pronounce this guy's name -->like Channing Tatoom. (Imagine a strong french accent.) Similar to the US, a lot of girls here love Channing Tatum. It was so funny to hear them talk about the new Twilight movie. I have no idea whether the new Twilight movie is a big deal back in the US, but (depending who you talk to) the Twilight series are still pretty popular like it was back in eighth grade. 
Every time I go onto youtube there are french advertisements before the videos. Today, I was watching the Corneille's music video, "Avec Classe" because the song was stuck in my head all day. 
"Avec Classe" by Corneille

Anyway, while the video was loading. This popped up: 
LES MISÉRABLES! I am getting super excited to see the Les Miserables movie (en français of course!). I have a feeling it's gonna be great.
Almost every Friday, Elise and I watch NCIS after dinner. The French love NCIS! It's hilarious. When you go to a supermarché there is always a TV guide at the checkout with characters from NCIS on it. I had never heard of this show before I came to France. It's actually good to watch to learn french because the plot is pretty consistent and so I can (usually) follow what's going on.