Demain, le Bac..

I have the Bac tomorrow...gross. :( 
We had one week off before the Bac to study. I haven't done much since returning from Hamburg. So that I thought I'd add some photos of Châtel that I never posted. 
René Descartes' vacation home.
I've passed this house plenty of times, but I only realized René Descartes was there until I decided to read the sign.

I also stumbled upon this. This monument explains that Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc en français) passed through the town while on one of her religious missions. 
The thursday before leaving for Hamburg was my last official day of high school. 
Senior Ladies! Olof and I wore white dresses to celebrate. 
Cynthia, Andréa, Olof, and me 
Haha, I just love Cynthia!
Cynthia, me, Olof, and Anaïs 
Anaïs and Cynthia 

Kristine and I took a walk by la Vienne yesterday afternoon

Last night, Louis left for a class trip to England. So jealous! It's probably better that he won't be there for the week because both my sisters, Elise and Mathilde, and I will be taking the Bac all week. 
As tradition, all seniors will start with Philosophy tomorrow morning... :/ Wish Mathilde, Elise, and I luck! :)  
C'est parti! 

Also, after watching the Hangover 3 (Or more commonly known as a "A very bad trip" in France) with my friends- one of them mentioned that Bradley Cooper speaks fluent french. I didn't believe it until I found an interview with Bradley. He's actually really good!