Enfin, Hambourg!

Photos from visiting Rachel in Hamburg, Germany! 
*Sorry, these photos aren't exactly in order
On the plan to Hamburg! 
 We rented a paddleboat at the Alster (a part of the Elbe River). We lucked out by having beautiful weather during our visit!
 Kristine's 1st legal alcoholic drink! 
She celebrated her 18th birthday while in Germany.
 After 9 months, Rachel and I were finally reunited!
 We actually found sushi in Hamburg!
 It's strawberry season in Hamburg!
 A really attractive photo Kristine took

 At Rachel's favorite french restaurant (with German beer).
 Kristine's 18th birthday 
 Rachel and Eleanor kindly demonstrate how to eat sushi Hamburg style.
 The first evening in Hamburg we ate at a floating restaurant. (It was a restaurant/boat on a the Elbe river)
 We went to a marzipan factory!
Rachel, me, Geisne (Rachel's host mom)
(the clubbing district of Hamburg)

 After hours on the Hamburg metro 

9AM On the train to Paris, then off to Hamburg!
Reeperbahn: Always making friends wherever we go! 
Kristine was excited to find her home country's flag.

 We went to the Baltic sea and spent an afternoon on the beach. 
 Rathaus (the town hall of Hamburg)

 Inside the Rathaus

 I'm a boat! 

We visited a little city next to Hamburg- I felt like I was at Disneyworld

 Geisne and her boyfriend, Jeremy 
 Norway in marzipan!
 Rachel finds her prince charming!
 Kristine eyeing that sandwich
 The Baltic
 Rachel lives by horse farms so we stopped a couple of times to say hi 
 My lovely twin! <3 

 Eating raw oysters
 The habor

 Horse whisperer? 

 A beautiful morning in Hamburg 

 Kristine is so ready to drive when she returns to Norway