Une journée bien passée

When I returned home from school today I found a package and a letter waiting for me on the kitchen table. I love it receiving surprise packages! I got a college sweatshirt from my parents along with a Pearson's Nut Goodie Candy. It was so nice to get the sweatshirt and Minnesota candy. The package definitely made my day. 

Thank you mom! Merci maman! 

...And finally! It's starting to feel like spring! For all of yesterday and  today, it has been absolutely gorgeous outside. I hope this beautiful weather keeps up!
My weekend wasn't too eventful. I went to a soirée at a friend's house Saturday night. Yesterday, I went for a bike ride with Kristine, my friend from Norway. There is a Lycée in Châtellerault where there is an outdoor velodrome (a slanted track for bike racing; vélo = bike en français) and so we went there and went biked on the track. Afterwards we went to a nearby park and ate sushi that we had gotten as "take out". Basically, I spent as much of the day outside as possible. I've missed the sun so much!
Although the BAC is coming up, I'm mostly focused on my trip to Hamburg. I'm so excited to Rachel (my twin sister)! It's been nearly 9 months since we were last together. I'm going to visit her in less than 2 weeks. Kristine (who I mentioned earlier) will be coming with me. I'm counting down the days until we leave for Germany. I cannot wait!

Here's your expression of the day! :
C'est kif-kif = It's the same.
For example: when someone asks someone else to choose between two things and the other person says, "It's the same thing to me".

À la prochaine ;)