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Who is Andrew Troy Keller? We don't really know.

What we lack in knowledge, however, we more than make up for in observation. AT Keller, as we affectionately have labelled him, is a breaking wave on the sea of erotic fanfiction; he covers topics as diverse as Star Trek to X-Men, Homocide: Life on the Streets to G.I. Joe. Never before have we witnessed such a wide-ranging and prolific author as ATK, a surefire herald to this new age of het and slash.

Andrew Troy Keller is not simply one to toss trash upon a page. Mastery of the profligate usage of commas, keen observer of capitalization in modern speech, and a beautiful ear with which to capture starkly realistic dialogue come together in a writer who soon will be heralded as the James Joyce of the erotic fanfic world.